Articles on Building and Understanding Characters:

Creating Characters from Scratch

Protagonist & Antagonist

Character Arc 101

Characters – The Attributes of Age

Creating Characters from Plot

Characters vs. Players (Video)

Introducing Characters: First Impressions

Writing from a Character’s Point of View

Character Dismissals

Conflict Can Limit Your Characters

Love Interests and the Dramatic Triangle

Character Development Tricks!

The Chemistry of Characters

Introduction to Heroes (Video)

“Hero” is a Four Letter Word

The Hero Breaks Down

Heroes & Villains

The Villain

Dramatica Class: Main Character vs. Protagonist (Class Transcript)

The Main Character

Audience and Main Character

The Obstacle Character

The Main Character and Obstacle Character

Relationship Between Main & Obstacle Characters

Main Character Resolve – Change or Steadfast?

Main Character Resolve

Main Character: Change or Steadfast? (Part 1) (Video)

Main Character: Change or Steadfast (Part 2) (Video)

Using Main Character Resolve

The Concept Behind Character Resolve

Change & Steadfast Characters in the Real World

Main Character Growth – Start or Stop?

Main Character Growth

Character Growth: Start or Stop? (Video)

Start and Stop Characters in the Real World

Direction of Main Character Growth

Main Character Approach – Do-er or Be-er?

Main Character Approach

Do-er & Be-er Characters (Class Transcript)

Main Character Approach: Do-er or Be-er? (Video)

Writing Your Character’s Mental Sex

Main Character Mental Sex

Main Character Mental Sex (Video)

Leap of Faith or Creep of Faith?

The 8 Archetypal Characters

The 8 Character Archetypes (Part 1) (Video)

The 8 Character Archetypes (Part 2) (Video)

 The 8 Character Archetyps (Part 3) (Video)

Protagonist & Antagonist Archetypes (Video)

The Reason and Emotion Archetypes

“Reason” and “Emotion” Archetypes (Video)

Sidekick & Skeptic Archetypes

Sidekick & Skeptic Archetypes (Video)

Guardian & Contagonist Archetypes

Guardian & Contagonist Archetypes (Video)

Uses of Archetypal Characters (Video)

Archetypes in The Wizard of Oz (Video)

Action & Decision Elements of Character Archetypes

Subjective & Objective Characters (Video)

Writing an Initial Character Synopsis

Introducing Characters in Act One

Writing a Character Description

A Character’s Physical Traits

Character Affiliations and Beliefs

Character Skills and Occupations

Character Interests (Likes and Dislikes)

Writing Characters for Television Series

Character Hand-Offs (Video)

Using Character “Hand-Offs”

Male vs. Female Problem Solving

Character Relationships – Part 1 (Video)

Character Relationships – Part 2 (Video)

Character Relationships Baselines

Characters’ Changing Emotional Relationships

Character Dimensions (Video)

Archetypal Character Dimensions

Character Dimensions

Archetypal Methodologies

A Character’s Purpose

Character Evaluations

Character Elements

Character Element Pairs

Interactions Among Character Dimensions

Writing Characters in Absentia

Main Character Style – Logical or Intuitive?

Characters, Dramatica Style  (mp3 audio)

Characters in the Middle of Act Three

Rising Tension in Character Relationships

The Core of Your Protagonist

Matching Character Personalities to Archetypes

Acts and the Obstacle Character’s Influence

Change, Steadfast – Success, Failure

Main Character, Obstacle Character – Problem & Solution

The Contagonist (Class Transcript)

Mental Sex: Male or Female? (Class Transcript)

Main Character: Do-er or Be-er? (Class Transcript)

Change & Steadfast / Start & Stop (Class Transcript)

Does Your Main Character Grow by Starting Something or Stopping Something?  (Class Transcript)

Does Your Main Character Change or Remain Steadfast?  (Class Transcript)

The Main Character Does Not Have To Be The Progatonist (Class Transcript)

Keep Your Protagonist Human

How Male and Female Characters Think

Do-ers & Be-ers

Men Are From Mars; Women Are From Next Tuesday

Is “Objective Character” the Same As “Obstacle Character” ?

The Love Interest

StoryWeaving Characters

Encoding Mental Sex

Evil Twins?

“We’re Both Alike, You and I…”

The Main Character is Not Necessarily the Protagonist

Encoding Subjective Characters

Objective & Subjective Characters (Video)

Objective Elements and the Subjective Characters

The Crucial Element

Character Elements of the Objective Throughline

Four Dimensional Characters

Archetypes Have Their Place, But….

Complex Characters

The Obstacle Character Domain

Story Point: Main Character “Approach”

The Character’s Search for Meaning

The Justified Main Character

Characters’ Internal Paradigms

Character Assumptions

Solving Problems

How Characters Solve Problems

Character Justifications

The Crucial Element

Main & Obstacle Characters: Change or Steadfast?

Only One Main Character

Dramatica Class: Main Character vs. Protagonist

Subjective Characters

Dramatica Class: Character Growth – Start or Stop?

Creating Characters: “My Hero!”

Rules for Building Characters

Dramatica Class: Characters – Change or Steadfast?

Main & Obstacle Characters (Four Throughlines, Part 2) (Video)

Antagonist vs. Obstacle Character

“Things” as Characters

Character Motivation Elements in Star Wars

Character Elements in Star Wars

Character Motivation Elements in Wizard Of Oz

Character Elements in Wizard Of Oz

Character Motivation Elements in the movie “Jaws”

Character Elements in the Movie, “Jaws”

Complex Characters in “Rear Window”

Complex Characters in “Gone with the Wind”

Types of Character Growth

Grouping Character Elements in “Quads”

Main Character Growth

Character Purposes

How the Main Character Changes

Main Character’s Resolve

Archetypes in the Movie, “Jaws”

Character Justifications

Main Character Resolve: Change or Steadfast?

Archetypes in Wizard of Oz

Driver & Passenger Characters in Star Wars

Driver and Passenger Characters

Character Archetypes in Dynamic Pairs

Archetypes & Complex Characters Together

Characters in “To Kill A Mockingbird” (Video)

More Characters in “To Kill A Mockingbird” (Video)

What is a Complex Character?

Players vs. Characters

Objective and Subjective Characters

The Hero

Main Character Throughline

The Main Character and Obstacle Character

 8 Essential Writing Questions (Video)

Archetypes in Star Wars (Video)

Characters in “To Kill A Mockingbird” (Video)