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We Think in Narratives

By Melanie Anne Phillips We think in narratives. Narrative is not an artificial construct imposed on fiction nor on the real world, but it is a description of the ways of the mind beneath the level of subject matter. In … Continue reading

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Character Justification

By Melanie Anne Phillips Problem solving tries to resolve an issue.  But if there is an obstacle to a solution, the process of justification tries to find a way around.  Sometimes characters get so wrapped up in the attempt to … Continue reading

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The Four Faces of Narrative

The word “narrative” is bandied about today as a catch all for stories, both fictional and in the real world.  But what does it really mean?  In fact, “narrative” means four distinctly different things that share the same root. The … Continue reading

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Characters – Introduction to “Blind Spot”

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The “Influence Character” in a Nut Shell

Stories have a mind of their own, as if they were a person in their own right in which the structure is the story’s psychology and the storytelling is its personality. Characters, in addition to acting as real people,, also … Continue reading

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Intellectualism is the nobility of a free society. (Something I just thunk of that might be a good thematic topic for a story).

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When Narratives Collide

What happens when narratives collide? Fictional stories are generally about a single primary narrative perhaps surrounded by a number of satellite narratives that function as sub-plots.  But in the real world, every person is the main character in his or … Continue reading

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