Dramatica Class

Transcripts from a series of internet classes on the Dramatica theory of story.

Dramatica Class 1

The Story Mind

Why the Main Character does not have to be the Protagonist

Does your Main Character “change” or “remain steadfast”?

Does your Main Character grow by “starting” something or “stopping”something?

Is your story brought to a conclusion by a “timelock” or an “optionlock”?

Dramatica Class 2

3 Act Versus 4 Act Structure

The Story Mind: Objective and Subjective

Main Character Review: Change/Steadfast and Start/Stop

Main Character: Do-er or Be-er?

Mental Sex: Male or Female?

Using Dramatica

Dramatica Class 3


The Dramatica Structure

The Four Throughlines

Body Heat

The Contagonist

Dramatica Class 4


Story forming

Story encoding

Story weaving


Dramatica Class 5


Main and Obstacle Characters

Build Characters

Problem, Solution, Focus and Direction

Change and Steadfast Characters

Dramatica Class 6


When Should Characters Exhibit Characteristics?

Problem and Solution

3 and 4 act Structure

Dramatica Class 7

Structure and Dynamics of the Dramatica Model.

Making Dramatica Easier.

Ways to use Dramatica.

“Spin the Model.”

Dramatica Class 8

Objective Story Act Breaks

The difference between Protagonist and the Main and Obstacle Characters

The Subjective view of story.

Storytelling; Choosing a Main Character

Dramatica Class 9

Grand Argument Stories, what Dramatica sees as a “complete” story.

Story Outcome: Success or Failure? Story Judgment: Good or Bad ?

Main Character Resolve: Change or Steadfast.

The 4 Stages of Communication.

Dramatica Class 10

Main Character Focus and Direction

Objective Characters and Characteristics

The “Rule of threes”

An Author’s Thematic Bias

Storyweaving Tips.

Differences between Dramatica Lite and Pro.

Dramatica Class 11

Analyzing Storyforms

Dramatica Lite / Dramatica Pro

The best way tackle Dramatica’s learning curve.

Structural vs. Organic Writers

Dramatica Class 12


The 4 Throughlines

How the Software Works

Dramatica Class 13

Printing Reports in Dramatica

Differences Between Dramatica and Collaborator and Storyline Pro.

Four Stages of Communication

Is an Obstacle Character Necessary?

Change / Steadfast

Dramatica Class 14

Novels & Substories

4 Throughlines & Grand Argument Stories

Theme and Plot

Dramatica’s “Reception Theory”

How The Software Works

Dramatica Class 15


Obstacle Character

Story Engine

Do-ers and Be-ers

Problems Having More Than One Main Character.

Mental Relativity

Dramatica Class 16

Dramatica on World Wide Web

Overview of Dramatica Theory

Different Views of Story — 4 Throughlines

Plot, Signposts, Storypoints

Story Engine – How the Software Works

Differences Between Lite and Pro.

Dramatica Class 17

Genre & Storyforming

Genre Grid/Chart: Comedy, Information, Drama, & Entertainment

World Wide Web – Dramatica’s Home Page

Dramatica Class 18

Mental Sex


Obstacle Characters

Dramatica Class 19

Multiple Stories / Sub-Stories

Dramatica Structure: Classes – Universe, Mind, Physics & Psychology

Development of Dramatica Theory – (Mental Relativity)


Tales vs. Stories

Variations, Ranges

Brainstorming Feature

Dramatica Class 20

Story Engine Choices: Dramatica can predict without being predictable.

Dramatica Update

Can you have 2 main characters?

Objective vs. Subjective views.

Main, Obstacle, Protagonist & Antagonist differences.


“The Fugitive”


Narrators & Players

Dramatica Class 21

Objective Story Problem

Change and Steadfast Main Characters

Focus and Direction

Start and Stop

Leap of Faith vs. Non Leap of Faith Stories

Dramatica Class 22

Egri (Theme)


Dramatica’s Concept of Theme

Attitude vs. Approach

“Remains of the Day” – Success/Bad

“Rainman” – Failure/Good

Dramatica Class 23

24 Scenes; 4 Variations, 6 Sequences

Dramatica Appreciations

Main Character Unique Ability

Main Character Critical Flaw

Dramatica Class 24

Problem element as seen in the 4 Throughlines.

“Rainman” & “Unforgiven” ; Subjective and Objective story problem.

Outcome / Judgment

Difference Between Dramatica & Collaborator

Premise / Egri

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