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Is Story Structure a Myth?

Writing from the Passionate Self

Tricking the Muse: The Creativity “Two-Step”

Finding Inspiration

Finding Your Creative Time

Structure vs. Passion

Blowing the Story Bubble

Do You Write Like An Actor or a Director?

Choosing Your Story’s Title

Writing Non-stories (Video)

Dramatica Storyforming Newsletter 1.1

Elements of Structure – Art of Storytelling

Introduction to StoryWeaving

Be a StoryWeaver – NOT a Story Mechanic! (mp3 audio)

What’s the Worst Part of Writing for You, Personally?

You Got Me! (Both of Us!)

Quick Tip: The Big Picture

Writing from a Character’s Point of View

Story Structure for Passionate Writers

Following the Muse

Author & Audience

Who Are You Writing For?

Writing For Oneself

Writing for Groups

Communication vs. Storytelling

Grand Argument Stories

The Free Form Author

Symbolizing Concepts

Communicating Through Symbols

Author’s Intent

Both Sides of the Thematic Argument

Introduction to Propaganda

The Basics of Propaganda

Propaganda and Symbols

Four Levels of Propaganda

Shock as Propaganda

Awareness as Propaganda

Conditioning as Propaganda

Misdirection as Propaganda

A Word of Warning About Propaganda

StoryWeaving and Structure

Medium and Format

The Four Stages of Communication

The Four Stages of Communication  (Class Transcript)

The Purpose of Stories

Story Justifications

Subjective Characters and the Objective Story

The Narrative Archetype

Bad Story Structure is No Joke  (Video)

Writing Remakes & Adaptations (Video)

Audience and Main Character

Audience Reach

Audience Reach (Video)

Story Structure vs. Storytelling

The Grand Argument Story  (Theory)

A Story is an Argument

A Story is an Argument (Alternate)

A Story is an Argument  (Video)

A Tale is a Statement

A Tale is a Statement (Video)

Hidden Meanings in Citizen Kane (Video)

Story Structure vs. Storytelling (Video)