Dramatica Storyforming Newsletter 1.1

Back in the 90’s when Dramatica was the new kid on the block, we published a “Storyforming Newsletter” for a span of time.

Here is a link to a PDF version of the very first issue….

Download in PDF (179K)

The Dramatica Storyforming Newsletter contains Writing Tips, Analyses of popular books and movies, and materials to help your create a perfect structure in your novel, screenplay, or stage play.

In this Issue:

  • “Building a Better Dinosaur” – a creative criticism of Jurassic Park
  • Objective vs. Subjective Story Perspectives
  • Story vs. Tale
  • The Story Mind
  • Storyforming vs. Storytelling
  • Leap of Faith
  • The Main Character
  • The Obstacle Character
  • Problem Element and Solution Element
  • Author’s Proof
  • Change Characters vs. Steadfast Characters
  • “One Woman’s Problem Solving is Another Man’s Justification”
  • Identifying the Throughlines in Your Story
  • Gender Speak – What’s In a Name?

and more!