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The Impact of Stories

Stories, especially those told in the media of film or television, can have a tremendous impact on an audience. Experiencing a story is similar in many ways to experiencing events in “real life”. Stories can make us laugh or cry, … Continue reading

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Introduction to Communication

The process of communication requires at least two parties: the originator and the recipient. In addition, for communication to take place, the originator must be aware of the information or feelings he wishes to transmit, and the recipient must be … Continue reading

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Narrative Analysis: Why Guam?

Guam has been referred to as America’s “permanent aircraft carrier.” It’s strategic importance as a bridge to Asia cannot be overstated. In 2016, it was revealed China has missiles targeted at Guam. China has been “unable” to pressure Kim Jong … Continue reading

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Books by Melanie Anne Phillips

My new Author Page on Amazon listing all my published books:

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Do You Want to Write a Tale or a Story?

The difference between a tale and a story is that a tale is just a linear step by step progression through plot events and character growth in which the next step can be anything at all, as long it makes … Continue reading

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The Origin of Archetypes

Another excerpt from our book, Archetypes – Characters, Narrative and Mind – If archetypes represent basic human qualities, each assigned to a different character, then how would such a convention of story structure come to be? The answer lies in the manner … Continue reading

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An Unpleasant Customer – Think Twice, Post Once

Email correspondence with a less than pleasant potential purchaser: Customer: Hello, I recently came across your site as I am needing to purchase Move Magic Screenwriting 6. I see that you beat other authorized online pricing. I almost purchased one … Continue reading

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