Dramatica Software Tips


The Dangers of Micromanaging Your Story

What Does Dramatica Mean by the Word “Illustrate”

How To Tell If Your Story’s Structure is Right

Creativity vs. Dramatica

Using Dramatica for Short Stories

Does Dramatica Limit Your Story

Do Dramatica’s Specific Questions Limit Story Richness?

Can You Skip Questions in Dramatica?

Where to Start: Story Engine, Theme Browser or Query System?

What is the Best Way for a New User to Approach Dramatica?

About Dramatica’s Learning Curve….

Dramatica for Structural vs. Intuitive Writers

The Creative Way to Use Dramatica

Dramatica’s Plot Sequence Report – Deep Theory

Using Dramatica’s Plot Sequence Report

Dramatica Software: Assigning Character Elements

Story Examples in Dramatica Pro Writing Software (Video)

The Help System (Video)

The Story Engine (Video)

The Writer’s Dictionary (Video)

Character Development Tools (Video)

Brainstorming Tools (Video)

The Story Guide (Video)

Story Structure and Storytelling (Video)

Developing Theme (Video)

Creating Characters (Video)

Creating Characters, Plot & Theme (Video)

Structuring Your Story in Dramatica Pro (Video)

Writing with the Query System (Video)

The Story Guide for Structural Writers (Video)

Creating Scenes or Chapters in Dramatica Pro (Video)

Storytelling Tools (Video)

Plot Progression Tools (Video)

The Story Guide (Video)

The Query System (Video)

Brainstorming Tools for Story Structure (Video)

The Story Engine for Structural Writers (Video)

Overview of Brainstorming Tools – Dramatica Pro (Video)

Story Reports in Dramatica Pro Writing Software (Video)

Dramatica Pro Writing Software Terminology (Video)

Selecting Your Story’s Preconditions

Selecting Your Story’s Prerequisites

Selecting Your Story’s Costs

Selecting Your Story’s Dividends

Selecting Your Story’s Forewarnings

Selecting Your Story’s Consequences

Selecting Your Story’s Requirements

Selecting Your Story’s Goal

Who Are They and What Are They Doing?

Subjective Story: Who Are We and What Are We Doing?

Obstacle Character: Who Are You and What Are You Doing?

Main Character: Who am I, and what am I doing?

Dynamic Pairs of Domains

Choosing the Proper Classes for Your Story’s Domains

The Essence of the Obstacle Character

The Essence of Your Main Character

Characters in the Subjective Story

Main and Obstacle Characters in the Objective Story

Selecting the Objective Story Domain

Selecting the Domains in Your Story

Using the Query System in Dramatica Pro (Video)

The Writer’s Dictionary in Dramatica Pro (Video)

The Theme Browser (Video)

Plot Progression Tools (Video)

Creating Characters in Dramatica Pro (Video)

Example Stories in Dramatica Pro (Video)

The Dramatica Help System (Video)

The Story Guide (Video)

The Story Points Window (Video)

Using the Story Engine Creatively (Video)

Main & Obstacle Characters in Dramatica Pro (Video)

Building Character Relationships (Video)

Assigning Character Elements in Dramatica Pro (Video)

Four Dimensional Characters (Video)

Graphic Novel Themes & Dramatica

Character Elements in Dramatica Pro (Video)

Character Icons in Dramatica Pro (Video)

The Character Information Window in Dramatica Pro (Video)

The Character Information Window (Part 2) (Video)

Character Information Window (Part 3) (Video)

The “Create Characters” Function in Dramatica Pro (Video)

Character Creation Tools in Dramatica (Video)

Comparing Writing Software Paradigms

Brainstorming (Part 2) (Video)

Brainstorming (Part 4) (Video)

Random Story Generator (Video)

Dramatica Software: Theme (Part 1) (Video)

Dramatica Software: Theme (Part 3) (Video)

Dramatica Software: Developing Plot (Video)

Dramatica Software: Using Dramatica Creatively (Video)

Dramatica Software: Character Generator (Video)

Dramatica Software: How to Break Story Structure (Video)

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