Dramatica Pro

A mulit-part video program on how to use all key features
of the Dramatica Pro Story Development Software

Character Features:

1  Introduction

2  Creating Characters

3  Character Information Window

4  Character Information Window, Part 2

5  Character Information Window, Part 3

6  Character Icon “Casting”

7  Building Characters

8 3 & 4 Dimensional Characters

Working with Character Elements

10  Building Character Relationships

11  Building the Main & Obstacle Characters

Using Dramatica Pro Creatively

1   Introduction

2   The Story Engine

3   The Story Points Window

4   The Story Guide

5   The Help System

6   Story Examples

7   Creating Characters

8   Plot Progression

9   The Theme Browser

10   The Dramatica Dictionary

11   The Query System

12   Story Reports

13   Brainstorming

Dramatica for Structural Writers:

1   The Story Engine

2   Brainstorming

3   The Query System

4   The Story Guide

5   Plot Progression

6   Reports & Story Points

7   Scene Creation

Dramatica for Intuitive Writers:

1   What NOT to do first!

Brainstorming Features:

1  Spin the Model

2  Spin the Model, Part 2

Character Generator

Character Generator, Part 2


More Features:

Using Dramatica Creatively

Using the Story Engine Creatively

Using the Theme Browser Creatively

Using the Query System Creatively

Character Creation Tools

Building Characters

Four Dimensional Characters

Assigning Character Elements

Building Character Relationships

Main & Obstacle Character Tools

The Character Generator

The “Create Characters” Function

Character Elements

Character Information Window (Part 1)

Character Information Window (Part2)

Character Information Window (Part 3)

Character Icons

Developing Plot in Dramatica

Plot Progression Tools

Random Story Generator

Theme Browser (Part 1)

Theme Browser (Part 3)

Brainstorming Tools: Overview

Brainstorming (Part 2)

Brainstorming (Part 4)

The Story Points Feature

The Story Guide

Reports About Your Story

The Help System

The Writer’s Dictionary

The Story Engine for Structural Writers

Brainstorming Tools for Story Structure

The Query System

The Story Guide

Plot Progression Tools

Storytelling Tools

Creating Scenes or Chapters

The Story Guide for Structural Writers

Writing with the Query System

Structuring Your Story in Dramatica Pro

Creating Characters, Plot & Theme

Creating Characters

Developing Theme

The Help System

Story Examples

Story Structure and Storytelling

The Story Guide

Brainstorming Tools

Character Development Tools

The Writer’s Dictionary

The Story Engine