Can a Class be explored in more than one Throughline?

Just received this question from a writer through our Facebook page.  Here’s my reply:

No – each Class is associated with a single one of the four points of view (Main Character, Influence Character, Objective (overall) Story and Subjective (relationship) Story.  When a point of view is attached to a Class of considerations, it creates a structural bond.  That means that each Class will be explored through a single point of view, making it a Throughline.  If Classes could be explored by more than one point of view, it would remove the bias from the overall story’s structure – the Story Mind.  It is that bias that describes how the Main Character relates to the story universe – in essence, it describes how all that exists is biased in relationship to the Main Character.  And, it also illustrates how Main, Influence, Overall and Relationship Throughlines are biased relative to one another.  The message of the story is that when a particular arrangement of biases exist, it is better (or worse) to stick with one’s guns (remain steadfast in one’s bias) or to change (alter one’s bias, adopting the opposite one represented by the Influence Character.  And so, only by linking and hardwiring only one point of view (Throughline) to each Class can the underlying dynamics be accurately and definitively explored that surround the choice to remain steadfast or change.