Our New Writer’s Blog on Storymind.com

Announcing our new writer’s blog on Storymind.com at http://storymind.com/blog!

Why another blog?  Well, you may have noticed that Dramaticapedia.com has grown like an unplanned city, categories cropping up all over the place!  While there is a ton of really useful information here, sometimes it is pretty hard to find just what you are looking for.

So, based on what we’ve learned here, we’ve designed a well-planned blog on our Storymind.com site with the very same material, just organized better.  There’s only a few articles reposted there so far (our first day…) but we’ll be re-posting all the best articles, videos, and audios very quickly, as well as new material as soon as we create it.

In addition, you can make comments and post replies to comments on the new blog to express your thoughts and ask questions of other writers!  So, check it out and let us know what you think!