New Writing Tips in Streaming Video

Be a Story Weaver – NOT a Story Mechanic
Too many writers fall into the trap of making Structure their Story God. There’s no denying that structure is important, but paying too much attention to structure can destroy your story. Although some writers are natural born StoryWeavers, there is still hope for the rest of us. In fact, you can become a StoryWeaver just by practicing a few select techniques until they become second nature.
A Novelist’s Bag of Tricks
Remember those “grab bags” you found when you were a kid at a toy store, discount store or county fair?  Inside was a whole collection of little treasures that were collectively worth a lot more than you paid – but you never knew what you were going to get until you looked inside. In that spirit, here’s a “grab bag” of tips, tricks and techniques any novelist can use to improve his or her work.
Creating Characters from Plot
Even if all you have is a log line or thumbnail sketch of your plot, this method will enable you to create a whole cast of characters to populate your story. In addition, the work you do developing these characters will, in turn, create additional story lines and details for your plot as well!