Beyond Dramatica

Behind the Quad (1 of 3)
The “Quad” is the basic unit or module from which the Dramatica Story Structure is built. It represents relationships among four items, such as Mass, Energy, Space and Time or Knowledge, Thought, Ability and Desire. The Quad is functional for both direct interactions of the four items, but also for relativistic interdependencies, such as “Space/Time” or “DesirAbility”. The Quad form is such a useful way of organizing data in a balanced system that it can enhance our abilities to understand patterns in such other diverse fields as psychology and physics.
Behind the Quad (2 of 3)
The “quad” is the basic building block of Dramatica story structure. In this installment, we attempt to “get a feel” for how the quad works and what it really means as a foundation to explaining the “nuts and bolts” of quad theory.


Behind the Quad (3 of 3)
How Dramatica’s quad structure represent mental processes, treated as objects. And how the quad indicates the helical (spiral) patterns of thought in the fractal mind.
Theory Isn’t Pretty
Ever wonder how the Dramatica theory was created?  Find out what is it like to be on the bleeding edge of theory development with this recent entry from my personal theory development journal.  In it, you’ll see the hazy edges of the outward advance of the Dramatica theory.  Very rough, almost fragmented, but a glimpse at the Next Big Thing.