Writing a Story Synopsis

What inspires a story may be a setting, an intriguing situation, a clever bit of dialog, or even a title. As development proceeds, this jumping-off point functions as the grain of sand that ultimately becomes a pearl.

To keep your eye on what inspired you to write a story in the first place, it helps to create a brief synopsis before you begin. Try to describe your story as if you were writing a short blurb for a television listing. This will set a touch point for your ongoing development.


Star Wars

: It is a time of rebellion. The evil Empire has most of the galaxy under its control except for a handful of rebels. However, with the Empire’s new weapon, even that last holdout may be destroyed. The Rebels must find a way to destroy the Death Star. Star Wars is also the story of a farm boy destined to become a hero.

Excerpted from
Dramatica Pro Story Development Software