Building a Mind for the Audience to Possess

When an audience looks at the Objective Characters, they see the Story Mind from the outside in. When an audience empathizes with the Main Character, they see the story from the inside out. In order for the audience to be able to step into the shoes of the Main Character and look through his eyes, he must possess a complete mind for the audience to possess. And that perhaps is the best way to look at it: the audience takes possession of the Main Character’s mind. That’s why you hear people in a movie yelling, “NO…. don’t do that!!!” to a Main Character who is about to enter the shed where the slasher is waiting.

However, the question arises: who is taking possession of whom? As authors we direct our Main Character to take control of the audience’s hearts and souls. We make them feel what the Main Character feels, experience what he experiences. It’s a pretty sinister occupation we engage in. But that is how a story stops being a spectacle and worms its way into the heart.

From the Dramatica Theory Book