Dramatica Theory: Thought

Thought • [Element] dyn.pr. Knowledge<–>Thought • the process of consideration • When a character represents Thought, he illustrates the process of consideration. Unlike the logic element that is only concerned with arriving at a conclusion via reason, Thought deliberates both logical and emotional aspects of a problem, not particularly to decide an issue so much as to examine it from all perspectives. This has the advantage of illuminating every side of an issue, but has the potential disadvantage of Thought becoming an endless loop where consideration runs round in circles, chasing its mental tail and never coming to rest in a decision. • syn. the process of consideration, thinking, contemplation, mental attention, running over in your mind

Thought • [Variation] dyn.pr. Knowledge<–>Thought • the process of consideration • Thought is not always directed. Often it wanders, experiential and without conscious purpose. Thought might be about a topic or simple random musings or creative daydreaming or inspiration. At its most essential level, Thought is simply the mental force of change that rearranges the inertia of knowledge. • syn. consideration, contemplation, ponderence, musing, reflection

From the Dramatica Dictionary