Dramatica Definition: Result

Result • [Element] dyn.pr. Process<–>Result • the product of a process; the ramifications of a specific effect • Result is a holistic view of all the pertinent end products of a process. When a cause generates an effect, how does the effect upset the overall balance of a situation? In a balance of power, one must consider the results of arming an ally not just the immediate effect of strengthening its military. The character possessing the Result characteristic considers the ripples that might occur because of a given effect. The negative aspect is that it often over-thinks the situation until its considerations are ranging far beyond the scope of any real concerns. This can inhibit useful actions for insignificant reasons. Stop a new factory that will create jobs to protect a previously unknown species of gnat? It depends on the scope of the concern. • syn. ramifications of an effect, consequence, repercussion, impact, end product

From the Dramatica Dictionary