Dramatica Definition: Proven

Proven • [Element] dyn.pr. Unproven<–>Proven • an assessment that something is correct by all relavent standards • Proven refers to an understanding that has been shown to be correct enough times to enough people to hold it as fact. The character representing Proven will judge truth only by what has been sufficiently verified. This makes it wary of unsubstantiated rumors, evidence, or conclusions. In the negative column, determining something is Proven requires drawing an arbitrary line that says, “Enough it enough, it’s true!” The moment one assumes that the understanding is Proven, one ceases to look for exceptions. When a connection is made between two events or people on the basis of a series of “Proven” facts, all it takes is one exception to ruin the argument. • syn. verified, confirmed, corroborated, established, demonstrated, shown

From the Dramatica Dictionary