Stories with Forewarnings about “The Past”

Forewarnings indicate the consequences are getting closer and therefore imperiling the goal. The following stories have forewarnings pertaining to “The Past”.

Reservoir Dogs: Mr. Orange relates an imagined incident from his past, in which ironically, a roomful of good guys (cops) couldn’t tell he was a bad guy; in the warehouse, he is the only good guy in a roomful of bad guys.

X-Files: Beyond the Sea: In the past Boggs was scheduled to be executed. He was put through the ritual of the last meal and marched to the gas chamber. He remembers that the souls of his family who he had murdered after their last meal watched him eat his last meal that day. He’s terrified of experiencing the agony of facing his victims and going to that cold place in death. Boggs’ past threatens to repeat itself and death threatens to touch Jim and Liz, and Mulder when he’s shot.

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