The Scope of Dramatica

Even with all the various forms of communication, Dramatica ins’t limited by addressing only the Grand Argument Story. The Grand Argument model described by Dramatica functions to present all the ways a mind can look at an issue. As a result, all other forms of communication will be drawing on a portion of those same dramatic elements, just in smaller combinations. In a previous example, we indicated that the less we said, the more the audience could use its imagination. But that pertains primarily to storytelling.  When it comes to story structure, the more complete the story’s argument, the more powerful the structure.  A Grand Argument Story says it all. Every point is made, even if hidden obscurely in the heart of entertainment. Other forms of communication use “slices” of the model, chunks, or levels. Even if an author is unaware of this, the fact that human minds share common essential concepts means that the author will be using concepts and patterns found in the Dramatica model.