Dramatica Definition: Induction

Induction • [Element] dyn.pr. Deduction<–>Induction • a method of thought that determines possibility • Induction is the process of thought that determines where an unbroken line of causal relationships might lead. The purpose is to see if it is possible that something connects to something else. The character containing the Inductive characteristic has an advantage in taking seemingly unrelated facts and putting them in an order that establishes a potential causal relationship. This allows him to arrive at conclusions that “limit in” something as a possibility. The drawback is that the conclusion only illustrates one possibility out of an unknown number of possibilities. Unlike deduction, Induction does not rule out competing theories until only one remains. Rather, Induction simply determines that a particular theory is not ruled out. Problems occur when it is assumed that simply because a causal relationship might exist that it does exist. This leads to blaming and holding responsible both people and situations that were not actually the real cause. Only if all possible Inductions are compared can the likelihood of any single one be determined • syn. postulate, predicate, conjecture, infer, hypothesize, determine possibility