Dramatica Definition: Expediency

Expediency • [Variation] dyn.pr. Need<–>Expediency • most efficient course considering repercussions • It is important not to consider Expediency as only meaning efficiency. In terms of story, Expediency describes what a character feels he must do or be in order to avoid potential consequences. These consequences can come from his environment, in the form of disapproval by others, or from within in the form of self-recrimination. If the perceived consequences are internal, Expediency feels like a “moral” pressure but is really the emotional retribution one flails against oneself for not living up to one’s own self-image. If they are external, Expediency feels like peer pressure or a threat to social standing. Expediency is as important an emotional motivation as Need is a motivator of reason. Since Expediency is based on avoiding future punishments or disappointments that may or may not be real, dramatic tension can be easily created between the subjective and objective views. A way to think of Expediency is that when it pops up, characters who are being influenced by it will think of it in terms of “Should.” “I should really do this, even though I may not want to.” • syn. advisability, convenience, prudent efficiency