Dramatica Definition: Ending

Ending • [Element] dyn.pr. Unending<–>Ending • coming to a conclusion • The Ending characteristic causes a character to look toward the conclusion in every process or situation. He may wish to prevent it or to hasten it, but his primary concern is when it’s going to be over. A very useful trait in dealing with steps or phases. Not very useful if the process or situation is really un-ending. Since the character representing the Ending characteristic assumes that everything must end sooner or later, he cannot accept that some things never end. Some relationships will last a lifetime, come what may. But if one partner believes it can end, he will always worry, looking for signs of its demise. If he was an Ending person, Prometheus was sorely mistaken. (Weeds grow back and Rust never sleeps!) • syn. conclusion, finish, completion, termination, close