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The 28 Magic Scenes – Part Four

In this episode I describe how your story’s thematic argument fits into the 28 Magic Scenes.

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Introduction to Premise

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Story Issues & Arguments

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The Four Story Issues

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Levels of the Story Mind

The mind of your story, as with our own minds, can be seen to have four levels of consideration which fall into four topic categories describing the kind of thing that is being considered. For any topic, the mind considers … Continue reading

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Theme and the Dramatica Chart

The Dramatica chart of story elements is the equivalent of the Periodic Table of Elements in physics or chemistry.  In fact, it provides guidance for how to create the specific chemistry of your story by comining different dramatic elements. Each … Continue reading

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Introduction to Theme

Theme is perhaps the most powerful yet least understood aspect of story structure.  Theme is an “emotional argument” that strives to lead the reader or audience to feel about a topic as the author would have them feel. The reason … Continue reading

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What, Exactly, Is Theme?

It seems every author is aware of theme, but try to find one who can define it! Most will tell you theme has something to do with the mood or feel of a story. But how does that differ from … Continue reading

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Concept for a Theme

Life is filled with opportunities to begin a story.  Sometimes you encounter a bit of news, observe an interpersonal interaction, or simply see a post on Google+ or Facebook. Today, for example, I was writing a private message on Facebook … Continue reading

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The Objective Story Issue

The Objective Story is the overall story in which all the characters are involved.  Essentially, it is what the reader or audience will think of as the “plot” of the story.  To add meaning and purpose to your objective story … Continue reading

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