Perfect Story Structure is a Myth!

No one reads a book or goes to a movie to experience a perfect structure. They come to stories to ignite their passions. BUT – if that passionate storytelling is TOO flawed, the readers or audience pop right out of the experience and the passion is lost!

On the other hand, if you try to achieve a perfect story structure, you are going to undercut some of the subject matter and storytelling expressions that give your story life. Then, you compromise the intensity of the experience and, though your story is on solid ground, it just lays there and nobody cares.

The solution is to know what the perfect structure would be for your particular story, but to use it only as a guide to tweak your story wherever you can to make the structure stronger without ever making a change that will drain passion from your story.

So how do you know what your story’s perfect structure should be, so you can refer to it as you write and for making revisions later?

Simple. Dramatica. Dramatica Writing Software live-generates 32,768 different structures. And it helps you choose the one that fits best with your story concept.

All you do is answer questions about what you intend to do in your story and about what happens in it, and Dramatica will cross-reference the dramatic impact of your choices on all of the structures elements to find the perfect structure for your story.

Then, using Dramatica’s powerful story development tools, you can build your story on that foundation and can pick and choose where to embrace structure closely to strengthen your story or where to stray from perfect structure to follow a passionate thread.

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Don’t get stuck with a perfect structure or with the alternative of a formless mess. Get Dramatica today and find the perfect balance between structure and passion.

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