Can a protagonist become so angry he threatens the sidekick?

A writer asked me today, “Can a protagonist get so angry he threatens the sidekick??

My response…

Sure. Objective characters are defined by how they function, not how they feel about each other. So, the Protagonist (our initiative) will seek to evoke change, often in the form of seeking to achieve a goal. The Sidekick (our self confidence) contains the objective elements of faith and support, making him the faithful supporter. He supports everybody – has hope that even the villain will see the error of his ways. The sidekick does not have to be attached to the protagonist. He can be a free floater or even be attached to the antagonist – think Renfield in Dracula. How he feels about the other characters is all storytelling. But, no matter how he feels, the sidekick must exhibit faith and support. So, while the protagonist may threaten the sidekick, the sidekick might respond with, “You’ve really hurt me and really crossed the line. But I’m still behind you, though my heart won’t be in it any more.”

Hope this helps.