Dramatica Needs Your Help!

Writing Tips - Master CoverDramatica needs your help!

I need some folks to compile my writings on Dramatica into topic-oriented documents so I can publish them in paperback and and Kindle. No pay involved, but you get to have your theory questions answered, you get a free copy of the finished paperback and it will help document all these ideas so writers can get to them.

All you do is go to articles I have on the internet that I direct you to, then gather them all in a word document in the best order for understanding, eliminating any duplicates or too-similar essays. I’ll take it from there. We may have up to 100 topic-oriented compilation books out of all this material!

If you are interested, let me know and I’ll direct you to a topic to start with. No obligation if you try it and don’t want to continue. I can use as many folks as would like to help. Thanks!

Contact me at books@storymind.com