Writing with the Story Driver

The choice of Driver does not have to reflect the nature of the Main Character. In fact, some very interesting dramatic potentials can be created when the Story Driver and the Main Character Approach do not match.

For example, a Main Character who is a Do-er forced to handle a decision-type problem would find itself at a loss for the experience and tools it needs to do the job. Similarly, a deliberating Main Character who is a Be-er would find itself whipped into a turmoil if forced to resolve a problem requiring action. These mixed stories appear everywhere from tragedy to comedy and can add an extra dimension to an otherwise one-sided argument.

Do Actions precipitate Decisions, or do Decisions precipitate Actions? Since a story has both, it is really an issue of which comes first: chicken or egg? In the context of a single story, there is a real answer to this question. As an author, you can decide which it will be.

Excerpted from
Dramatica Story Development Software