Stories with Time Locks

Blade Runner: The replicants only live four years from their incept date and their end is rapidly approaching–which is why they escaped from Offworld and came to Earth. Batty, the last of the renegade replicants, ages and dies, allowing the physically inferior Deckard to triumph and the story to end.

Charlotte’s Web: Mr. Zuckerman must decide that Wilbur is too valuable to live before he is to be butchered next winter, “‘almost all young pigs get murdered by the farmer as soon as the real cold weather sets in. There’s a regular conspiracy around here to kill you at Christmastime'” (White, 1952, p. 49).

The Philadelphia Story: The wedding is to be held at noon on Saturday, and all of the action plays out within that time frame. In virtually every scene, some reference is made to the impending wedding.

The Simpsons Christmas Special: Homer only has until Christmas Eve to make it the best Christmas ever.

X-Files: Beyond the Sea: Scully and Mulder have only five days to find the two teens before they’re murdered — Lucas Henry, the kidnapper, is preparing to re-enact a grisly anniversary. In one week Boggs, who claims to have powers to help find the victims, will be executed. As the story progresses each deadline moves the story closer to its climax.

Excerpted from
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