Writing an Initial Character Synopsis

When you are about to begin developing your story, you may already have some ideas about the characters you want to explore. Creating a brief initial character synopsis can help you pin down the list of people you’ve been considering to populate your story and to act as a reference as story development continues.

Some of your characters may play a role in the dramatic structure of your story, perhaps affecting plot and theme as well. Other characters might be included for entertainment value only and have no tangible impact on the course of the overall story. Either way, it helps to briefly describe them before you begin writing.

Try not to be overly literary or descriptive in your initial synopsis. You only need enough information to identify your characters by name, basic personality type, and traits and attributes, such as their job, a physical ability or disability and their relationships to other character as you currently see them.

EXAMPLE: Star Wars

Luke Skywalker is a farm boy with dreams of becoming a hot shot space fighter pilot in the rebellion against the evil Empire.

Obi Wan Kenobi is a former Jedi Knight who befriends Luke and teaches him warrior skills. He is an old man now, but still has strong powers, especially of the mystic sort.

Princess Leia is a leader in the rebellion. She’s a real take-charge lady. Perhaps a love interest for Luke.

Uncle Owen. Luke’s somewhat authoritarian Uncle and guardian.

The Alien Band: A group of musicians from all over the galaxy who play weird music in a local bar.

Excerpted from
Dramatica Pro Story Development Software