Dramatica Definition: Repulsion

Repulsion • [Variation] dyn.pr. Attraction<–>Repulsion • disattration; pushing or being pushed away from • A character’s path to his goal is blocked by many curtains. The future beyond each cannot be seen until he has passed through to the other side. Sometimes the curtain itself is attractive, encouraging one to continue. Other times it is negative, indicating danger or loss, or that something unsavory lies behind. This is the nature of Repulsion. The warning is, “I’d go back if I were you” or “Don’t spit into the wind.” But does the curtain truly represent something distasteful that waits beyond or is it simply a false front, a mask to scare off the less tenacious? • syn. unattractive, repellent, foreboding, unsavory, pushing away, forcing back

From the Dramatica Dictionary