The Domains in Star Wars

Star Wars

Objective Story Domain: Physics (the Class of Activities) — Star Wars is about a war between the Empire and the Rebellion. There is not any set location where this needs to take place, rather it is an exploration of the feints, attacks, and battles that occur between the two forces.

Main Character Domain: Universe (the Class of Situations)– Luke Skywalker is a whiny farm-boy from a small desert planet. He has a tremendous amount of unrealized talent because his father was a Jedi, but everyone sees him as a kid from the edge of the galaxy.

Obstacle Character Domain: Mind (the Class of Fixed Attitudes) — Obi Wan Kenobi lives in the world of the Force. His attitude about the Force’s power and impact, the existence of the Light and Dark sides of the Force, and the importance of the Force is unshakable.

Subjective Story Domain: Psychology (the Class of Ways of Thinking) — Obi Wan clearly manipulates Luke through psychological means. He attempts to coerce Luke to help him get to Alderaan, which Luke resists; Obi Wan does not reveal the fate of Luke’s aunt and uncle to Luke even though Obi Wan is clearly not surprised when he hears the news; Obi Wan purposely keeps Luke in the dark about his resources while bartering with Han Solo, hushing him up when Luke can barely contain himself; Obi Wan keeps Luke under his thumb by doling out information about the Force, the Empire, the Past, and everything else; and it’s Obi Wan who whispers into Luke’s head at several critical moments… “Run, Luke, run!” and “Trust your feelings, Luke.”

Frm the Dramatica Theory Book