2 thoughts on “Writing Non-stories

  1. Pete Fitzpatrick

    This helps clear up a lot of confusion on what role structure plays. I would like to hear what Ms. Philips has to say about stories that become too heavily laden with message, or so polemical and propagandistic that they get in the way of the story. How does one strike a balance?

  2. Melanie Anne Phillips Post author

    Hi, Pete. When it comes to propaganda and heavy messages it is a matter of storytelling, not story structure. As such, there is no “logical” way to avoid it. No matter how well one can structure a story mechanically, there is a point at which an author must rely on instinct in order to connect with the reader or audience.

    For articles on Story Structure vs. Storytelling visit http://dramaticapedia.com/index.php?s=story+structure+vs+storytelling

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