Dramatica Definition: Objective Story Issue

Objective Story Issue • [Variation] • The central thematic topic of the Objective Story • Each of the four Domains (Objective Story, Main Character, Obstacle Character, and Subjective Story) has its own theme. This occurs because each Domain is really just a different point of view examining the same central inequity at the heart of the story as a whole. Each Domain, then, sees the troubles in a different light and is therefore drawn to a different standard of values by which to measure it. The thematic Issue in each Domain is that standard. The Objective Story Issue is the most wide-ranging of the four. This is because the Objective Story itself is the most all-inclusive of the Domains, representing a distanced view of the story that takes in the bigger picture. So, the thematic Issue of the Objective Story pertains to everyone and everything that happens. An author will use the Objective Story Issue to draw broad value judgments about the overall subject matter of the story as a whole. The audience will get a sense of what the grand scheme of the story is all about, effectively, what the underlying message is.

From the Dramatica Dictionary