Dramatica Definition: Evidence

Evidence • [Variation] dyn.pr. Suspicion<–>Evidence • information supporting a belief • Evidence is information one gathers to develop an understanding about something. When looking at Evidence, a character does not necessarily have to know exactly what he is looking for, just that the information pertains to the nature of what he is trying to learn about. As a result, he tends to examine the Evidence only in terms of whether or not it is something that falls into a pre-determined category. Therefore, errors can occur when the Evidence (although it pertains to the subject of interest) actually holds much more information in another area. This can lead a character to “not see the forest for the trees” because he is looking at the small picture and ignoring the big one. For example, in a mystery a detective may be looking for Evidence of who committed a murder, when in truth the victim died of natural causes which is clearly indicated if the detective had only thought to look for that • syn. proof, indicator, supporting information, corroborating facts, grounds for belief, substantiation