Dramatica Definition: Dramatica Terms

Dramatica Terms • [Dramatica Definition] • the names of dramatic concepts unique to Dramatica, commonly used dramatic terms redefined in Dramatica • The Dramatica theory of story is so wide-ranging that, in some cases, dramatic relationships and story points are described for which no pre-existing term was available. To fill this void, several different approaches were taken. Sometimes, words not normally associated with dramatics were called into service, such as Catalyst and Inhibitor. Other times, existing dramatic terms were more precisely defined, or redefined to meet a particular descriptive need, such as Main Character meaning the audience position in a story and NOT meaning a hero nor a Protagonist. As a last resort, completely new words were coined to describe unique concepts when no other appropriate words already existed, such as Contagonist. Although Dramatica’s use of terminology is the biggest hurdle to quick understanding, it is also its greatest strength for it allows the theory and software to describe dramatics with far greater precision than previously possible.