Dramatica Definition: Blind Spot

Blind Spot • [Character Appreciation] • The motivations of the Subjective Characters which they are unable to see about themselves • Both the Main Character and the Obstacle Character (who stands in the Main Character’s path) are driven by their particular motivations. In a story, each has a prime motivation that describes the one issue in each that they cannot see in themselves. It is because they cannot see it in themselves that it works below the level of their consciousness to motivate them. Because they cannot see it, it is called a Blind Spot. In a change character, the Blind Spot is the actual source of the problem common to both the Objective and Subjective stories. In a steadfast character, the Blind Spot represents what drives him to become the agent of the common solution to both the Objective and Subjective stories. In either case, although other characters may see it quite clearly in the Main and Obstacle Characters, neither Main nor Obstacle can see the Blind Spot in themselves.