Dramatica Unplugged (Part 86) – Progressisve Plot Points

In this episode of our 113 part video course on story structure we discuss how plot is made up of Static plot points and Progressive plot points. Static points, as the name implies, are those elements of plot that do not changes over the course of the story, such as the Goal, the Requirments to achieve the Goal and the Consequences if the Goal is not achieved. Progressive points, on the other hand, describe the linear sequences of a story – the order of events, the key points in a character arc, the step by step development of a thematic message, as examples.

These paths or threads are divided in milestones or stages, which we see in stories as Acts, Sequences, Scenes, and Beats. In this episode we’ll explore the nature of Progressive Plot Points and how to use them to ensure a sound sequential structure for your story.