Call for Character Traits – We Need Your Help!

Over at we’re building a new software utility to help authors create characters.  As part of that, we’re trying to assemble the world’s best list of character traits and attributes and we need your help!

We need lists of traits in a variety of categories such as Name, Age, Vocation, Physique, Social Connections, Club/Organizations, Manner of Dress, Attractiveness/Physical Attributes, Personality, Aspirations, Family, Political, Religious, Nationality, Talents, Skills, Disabilities, Marital Status, Outlook, Attitude, Intelligence, Education and so on.  In short, any quality you might imagine yourself or some other author wanting to build into a character.

If you are interested, just send your lists to and we’ll combine them all together in the data base of our new app.

And, just to make it worth your while, everyone who contributes will get a free copy of the software when it is done.  (Windows only at this time, but if you are a Mac user we’ll send you a free copy of one of our comparably priced Mac software products).

Thanks in advance.