Main Character: Who am I, and what am I doing?

When looking from the Main Character’s perspective, use the first person singular (I) voice to evaluate the Classes.

  • If the Main Character’s Domain is Universe (e.g. Luke in Star Wars or George in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?), questions like the following would arise: What is it like to be in my situation? What is my status? What condition am I in? Where am I going to be in the future? What’s so special about my past?
  • If the Main Character’s Domain is Physics (e.g. Frank Galvin in The Verdict The Verdict or Dr. Richard Kimble in The Fugitive), questions like the following would be more appropriate: What am I involved in? How do I get what I want? What must I learn to do the things I want to do? What does it mean to me to have (or lose) something?
  • If the Main Character’s Domain is Mind (e.g. Scrooge in A Christmas Carol), you would consider questions such as the following: What am I afraid of? What is my opinion? How do I react to something? How do I feel about this or that? What is it that I remember about that night?
  • If the Main Character’s Domain is Psychology (e.g. Laura in The Glass Menagerie The Glass Menagerie or Frank in In The Line of Fire), the concerns would be more like: Who am I really? How should I act? How can I become a different person? Why am I so angry, or reserved, or whatever? How am I manipulating or being manipulated?

From the Dramatica Theory Book