Dramatica Definition: Security

Security • [Variation] dyn.pr. Threat<–>Security • an evaluation of one’s defenses and protections • Before one can expand to greater achievements, it is important to protect what one has already achieved. When a character is concerned with Security, he builds defenses against threats both known and anticipated. However, actual dangers may or may not fall within the ability of the protections to keep one secure. Subjectively, a character must determine when he feels secure, based on his experience. For example, a famous comedian once related that he always bought so many groceries he had to throw many away when they spoiled. This, he said, was because he had gone hungry so often as a child. When a character’s experiences motivate him to over or under prepare for dangers, Security may actually become a danger itself. • syn. evaluation of safety, measure of safeguards, appraisal of one’s protections, gauge of defenses

From the Dramatica Dictionary