Dramatica Definition: Unending

Unending • [Element] dyn.pr. Ending<–>Unending • continuing without cessation • The Unending characteristic sees nothing as ever coming to completion. What others may see as an end, this characteristic sees as a change of direction. For example, obtaining a diploma is seen not as an end of college but as another step in one’s career (which is Unending). This has an advantage of “never saying ‘die’,” which helps the motivation stay alive to keep trying. On the other hand, seeing a bad thing as unending can rob one of motivation. Also, when something is really over, the character representing Unending can’t see it. This might be a former relationship or a current job that he takes for granted. • syn. continual, ongoing, perpetual, ceaseless, interminable, incessant, perennial

From the Dramatica Dictionary