Dramatica Definition: Theory

Theory • [Element] dyn.pr. Hunch<–>Theory • an unbroken chain of relationships leading from a premise to a conclusion • A Theory is an unbroken web of relationships that describes a mechanism. To be a theory, the actual mechanism of each relationship in the Theory must be known as well. Unless it is understood how point A gets to point B, it might just be coincidental. For example, if two completely different and separate mechanisms are working in the same area, it may appear that one is causing a certain effect when it is really the other. Developing Theories gives the character representing Theory the ability to understand and predict how things work and fit together. The drawback is that he will not accept an obvious relationship unless all its steps can be discovered. As a result, many “common sense” approaches and understandings are not used, despite their proven value. • syn. structured explanation, concrete hypothesis, systematized descriptive knowledge, description of linear connections

From the Dramatica Dictionary