Dramatica Definition: Storyweaving

Storyweaving • [Dramatica Term] • The process of unfolding a story’s dramatic structure over time • There are four stages in the process of communication from author to audience. They are: Storyforming, Storyencoding, Storyweaving, and Storyreception. Storyforming establishes the underlying dramatic structure of a story. Storyencoding turns raw story points into specific scenarios, events, and dialog. Storyweaving determines how the encoded story points will be revealed or unfolded to the audience. Storyreception refines the story to tailor it for a specific audience. Storyweaving has two aspects: Exposition and Expression. Exposition determines how information about the story will be doled out to the audience. Expression implements the Exposition in specific words, events, dialog, music, visuals, etc. When approaching Storyweaving it helps to know in advance what the story is about. Otherwise, one is trying to arrive at a consistency in presentation at the same time one is trying to determine what, in fact, ought to be presented. The Exposition aspect takes stock of all the story points and information that must be conveyed to the audience, including progressions of events which must occur in a particular order for the story to make logistic sense. Then, a plan for revealing this information is worked out so that some story points are presented directly, others are doled out over the course of the story, others are hidden, and still others are designed to first mislead the audience and then expose the fact of the matter. The Expression aspect is the most creative part of authorship. It is here that a novelist writes the actual chapters, or a Playwright pens the specific dialog. Even when the manner in which Exposition is to occur is known, the means of Expression has yet to be determined. For example, if the Exposition plan has been to reveal an important event in the backstory through a flashback, an author might choose to Express that event and the manner in which the flashback occurs in any number of ways. Collectively, Exposition and Expression translate what a story is about into the linear progression of how the story unfolds and is revealed through Storyweaving.

From the Dramatica Dictionary