Dramatica Definition: Solution

Solution • [Element] • the specific element needed to resolve the story’s problem • The Solution Element is the “flip side” of the Problem Element. In a Change story, for instance, the focus may be on the Problem Element (“The Main Character should not be this way”) or the focus may be on the Solution Element (“The Main Character should be this way”). So in a sense the Problem Element is not by itself the cause of the story’s problem, but works in conjunction with the Solution Element to create an imbalance between two traits that need to be balanced. The choice to present one as a negative trait defines it as the Problem Element and its positive partner becomes the Solution Element. In Steadfast stories, the Solution Element represents the nature of the things that would resolve the Objective Story Problem. Again it is the “flip side” of the problem, but it has exclusively to do with the Objective Story since the Main Character does not, in these cases, share the same problem as the Objective Story.

From the Dramatica Dictionary