Dramatica Definition: Conceptualizing

Conceptualizing • [Type] dyn.pr. Conceiving<–>Conceptualizing • visualizing how an existing idea might be implemented • Conceptualizing means coming up with a practical implementation of an idea. It is not enough to simply have the idea. To conceptualize, one must develop an actual mental model of how such an idea might be made manifest. In other words, one might have an idea to build a spacious house. But to conceptualize the house one must imagine everything that makes up the house — the design, the layout, the colors and textures, everything that is essential to understanding what that specific house is. A character that deals with conceptualizing would be well aware of the kind of solution that will eliminate the problem but spend his time trying to devise a specific way of achieving that solution • syn. visualizing, imagining, envisioning, visualizing implementation