Dramatica Definition: Appreciations

Appreciations • story points; dramatic concepts • Appreciations are items of dramatic meaning that are common to all stories. Meaning is created when an identifiable topic is seen from a particular point of view. This creates perspective which takes into account both the observation and the observer. In complete stories, there are four principal viewpoints at work: Objective Story, Main Character, Obstacle Character, Subjective Story. Each viewpoint has its own unique Appreciations, though they parallel and match item for item the Appreciations from another viewpoint. In addition, some Appreciations are from a wider view, describing the relationship among the viewpoints and the dramatic results of their combined perspectives. In this manner, a story structure built from these Appreciations will cover all the topics and viewpoints necessary to fully explore an issue central to them all. Common Appreciations include such dramatic items as Goal, Requirements, Problem, Concern, and Outcome.