Dramatica Theory (Annotated) Part 4 “What is a Grand Argument Story?”

Excerpted from the book, Dramatica: A New Theory of Story A Grand Argument Story is a conceptually complete story with both an emotional and logical comprehensiveness. There are a number of qualities which determine whether a story is a Grand Argument or not. These are seen in the story’s Structure, Dynamics, Character, Theme, Plot, and Genre. […]

Dramatica Theory (Annotated) Part 3 “Grand Argument Stories”

Excerpted from the book, Dramatica: A New Theory of Story The question arises: Is telling a story better than telling a non-story? No. Stories are not “better” than any other form of communication — just different. To see this difference we need to define “story” so we can tell what a story is and what […]

Dramatica Theory (Annotated) Part 2 “Communication”

Excerpted from Dramatica: A New Theory of Story The process of communication requires at least two parties: the originator and the recipient. In addition, for communication to take place, the originator must be aware of the information or feelings he wishes to transmit, and the recipient must be able to determine that meaning. Similarly, storytelling […]

Dramatica Theory (Annotated) Part 1 “A Place to Start”

Excerpted from Dramatica: A New Theory of Story (Annotated) Mastering the craft of writing requires a skill in communication and a flair for style. Through communication, an audience receives meaning. Through style, an author achieves impact. The Dramatica theory of story explores both aspects of the writing process providing structural guidelines for clarifying communication and artistic […]

Definitive Scientific Article on Dramatica Theory

Here is a link to the definitive explanation of the Dramatica theory (in PDF) from 1993, that explains all of the key concepts in text and graphics, including descriptions of non-story uses of the psychological model and the functioning of the model in terms of the dramatic circuit created by Potential, Resistance, Current, and Power […]

Dramatica Theory

Concepts, Uses and Examples of the Dramatica Theory: The Dramatica Theory of Story Structure What is Dramatica? Dramatica: Theory of Story or Software Product? Dramatica – Where’d the Idea Come From? The “Main Character Resolve” Concept Using “Main Character Resolve” in Your Story The Concept of Main Character Growth Using Do-er and Be-er Characters Creativity vs. Dramatica […]