Relationship of Story Driver to Journeys

Recently, a writer asked about the relationship of the Story Driver to the three Journeys in every throughline.  Here’s my response: The Story Driver is one of the eight dynamic questions (the eight “essential” questions) that Dramatica asks, including Main Character Resolve (change or steadfast) and Story Outcome (Success or Failure). Story Driver is Action […]

Discover the Secrets of Story Structure!

Discover the Secrets of Story Structure for your overall story, characters & plot Click here for details or to order for just $9.95 This downloadable three-hour 43 part audio program (mp3 format) is presented by Dramatica Theory co-creators Melanie Anne Phillips and Chris Huntley in their only published seminar as co-instructors.  Volume One presents a […]

Our Most Popular Articles on Writing of All Time

Just updated – your favorite articles on creative writing, story development, story structure and narrative science: Our Most Popular Articles on Writing of All Time Title Views The 8 Archetypal Characters 7,562 Dramatica Audio Program 2,303 Dramatica Theory Book 1,746 Dramatica Video Program 1,526 Sidekick & Skeptic Archetypes 1,297 The Best Story Structure Articles of […]